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June 24, 2009


Zach Kesley

All the more reason to try and make it to SDCC...and don't even worry about your prices being raised...as any price is a steal to get some lovely Katie Cook work :)


Um...why didn't you post any art in this message?

Fans? vote with me, I say we force Katie to post 1 new piece of artwork in every message!!!



hey! i posted new art yesterday! i'm not a machine! ;)

Adam Martin

I'm glad I got my pixie sketch before prices go up!


Good for you, Katie. I'm glad I got to see you last year and get my Inara sketch but I could tell you were frazzled. This year should be much smoother for you!


Right on! Somebody has to pay for all that cat food! And I for one do not want to see you stumble into Baja Fresh looking like a zombie again.

Theo Zissou

cool cool. i will be there on preview night. If the list is full, i'll try again thursday :) sounds good.

Andy O

still laughing at the "somebody has to pay for all that cat food!" comment...

but good for you, indeed!


the way you make my day and shift my mood (and most probably all else's around) each time I keep one of your tiny cute masterpieces in hand, *THIS* is priceless!!!
By the way, as you pile up your library for the cons, would there be any chance for a quick cute mini painting request from the other end of this world (literally)???


yiannis! e-mail me when i get back from SDCC and i'll hook you up with a mini painting :)

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