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August 10, 2009


Andy O

those are awesome...but no shirts left, huh? :(

Braem Christophe

Put 2 away for me. One of each.

Braem Christophe

Just send your money, Katie!!!


count me in!

Ashley Barron

Might have to get an order in for both


shirts will be available next week. i'm putting in a new order


Hey katie do you do ATCS? i have some on my blog but when i looked at some of your drawings they were on that card that has to be that size so i thought of that?

Braem Christophe

Received mine. And there are so great. My sister really liked that Wall-E sketch. I loved them all.


I sent you funds the day this was posted so wondering if all orders have been fulfilled or if there's a delivery estimate or anything like that as I have yet to receive mine. Please let me know. Thanks!

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