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September 24, 2009


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Michael Hawk

That is effin brilliant. Except for the shaking San Francisco into the ocean bit. We've been buying a lot of markers lately for cake drawings, so I'm sure we can use this tip.


Thanks for sharing this tip!

Mary Kay

You can also soak the marker wide tip down in the stuff for a few minutes. The marker acts as a wick, and draws the fluid up into it. I buy Tria ink (expensive!) or Adirondak Alcohol ink (cheaper) and refill markers with this method. Gotta try the syringe. How difficult is it to get them?


Thanks! I'm so used to my Prismacolors that switching to copic would be a major pain. Not just financially but getting used to a new color palette. Any tip that makes my good 'ol Prisma's more productive is gold.


....Ingenious o_o I never even thought about refilling them, and I just tossed about 4 because I thought they were dead T_T thanks for the tip! :)


Question, when you shove the needle in, are you supposed to put it between the head of your marker tip and the plastic, or just strait into the marker tip itself? Thanks.


right into the marker tip!


My dad draws for a living and loves the Prismacolor markers. I remember him doing something similar when I was a kid. Good tip!


I noticed that you can pull the tip off on the fine tip and you have access to both sides of the marker.
This way you do not need to use a needle - maybe a eye or ear dropper will work fine.
Thanks for the tip on the markers just found my old ones (22 of them ) going to try this soon.


Do you know how hard it is to get a needle in California? I need to find a junkie friend.

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