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January 11, 2010


Liz Brochu

wow. the sheer amount of layering involved! I couldn't tell if you were using the fine tips of the prismacolours there. It almost seemed like you weren't. That's some awesome control!

very cool!

katie cook

i never use the fine tips of the markers. they always dry out so fast because of how i store the marker upright... i've learned to deal w/ the chisel tip

Todd S.

Very cool..and the music was great! Nice to see you draw one of the cards I'm going to pull from my case (HA)


I really enjoyed that! It was a treat to watch you draw, Katie.

ps: Your knuckles are hawt! ;)

Brian VanNierop

Great job Katie. I always enjoy watching your art come to life. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Ustream soon, I hope.


That was awesome! I made my 7 year old dance to the song while he sat on my lap. He liked the video so much he didn't care what I was doing! LOL!

Chris Thorne

Awesome vid Katie, I really enjoyed watching you draw. I hope you do more of these, watching you work is indeed enjoyable. I liked your subtitled commentary.


I laughed out loud at your comment about your hand being in the way, it came right around the time I was thinking "Stop obscuring the card, Katie!", LOL!

Maybe next time you can try filming from the spot where you put your eraser? Because your hand was never on that side of the card, and I'm sure you can colour and ink upside down. ;)

Really dug the music, I love that song. You could have added commentary later (after the video was sped up), but the music makes it even more fun to watch you work. :)


Ha. The funny thing is the first thing I thought was "Great song choice!" New Order = Luv

Also, quick question, what kinda marker (was it a marker!?) did you use for your sparklies?!

katie cook

that is a sakura white gel pen!

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