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December 05, 2011



i would love to buy one of those as a print at some point


I love it! Amazing... I wish this was mine.

Jo Carter

I so want these!!!!!!!!

Rob Peterson


Account Deleted

With all the memorable moments depicted in the most cutest form and in one of my favorite “Water color” medium…yeh actually reminded me how I had started reading this book.


Happy Birthday!

Thuy Le

Wow that is amazing!

Ink Horn

These would make the perfect bookmarks.

Rick McGee

By far, some of the coolest Harry Potter items ever! I love them all. Also like the fact that Harry made it in almost every panel, without seeming repetitious. His smile as Malfoy gets transformed by Mad Eye is perfect!


Hey there Katy, I'm the fine recipient of these beautiful art pieces. I want you to know how beautiful they are, and how unexpected they are. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to make someone else so wonderfully happy. Thank you :) -Maddy

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