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March 18, 2012



I would love to see a marker demo. I use prisms colors, and my biggest problem areas are getting an even color if I'm covering a large area in one color.
I'd also like to see this mixed media approach with markers and colored pencils.


Holy cow would I ever be interested in that video! The end result looks great. Interesting idea.


I would really enjoy seeing a video of you at work. That would be so cool. I love hearing that you did a personal demo for your friend. Wow. I am so jealous. Hope you post it.

Kacey Helms

I would LOVE to see a ustream of any of your art techniques. I'm a huge fan and any insight into your approach from sketching to water color would be great. :)

Rick McGee

Yes, it would be great to see a ustream/video of your process. I would especially like to see one of your marker work and process.


Ummm yes please! I'd also would love to watch you from layout, ink, to watercolor too! I've been struggling getting in watercolor lately for some reason and just need some extra push in that area.

Jana Hoffmann

Most definitely!!!!! I've love to see your marker work and photoshop work and any work! ALL work :)


I would LOVE a demo!

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