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  • Katie will be updating her woefully out of date art galleries soon... in the meantime, her deviantart page is FULL of all her most recent art. Check the sidebar for a link!
  • katie's all-ages weekly webcomic! "gronk, a monster's tale" is available at www.gronkcomic.com
  • Katie has been writing the wildly successful IDW comic for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Show ponies some love and pick up the books!

a small list of comic & illustration work

  • -Scholastic Books (Star Wars)
  • -Marvel... one-page gags they put in the back of comics (AvX, I am an Avenger)
  • -Writing and contributing cover/interior artwork to IDW/Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book
  • -writing and drawing the Fraggle Rock comic book for Archaia and the Jim Henson Co.
  • -sketch card work for Upperdeck
  • -sketch card work for TOPPS (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Heroes)
  • -Sketch card work for more Rittenhouse sets than I remember. (Marvel and DC)
  • weekly webcomic "gronk" (www.gronkcomic.com)
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  • if you'd like to contact me about a private art commission, you can e-mail me about it or see if what you are looking for is listed in my store (i have a few commission sizes listed there for purchase). if you have questions about a professional project (comics, illustration, design, etc.), don't hesitate to contact me at katiecandraw at gmail dot com.

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