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June 14, 2009


Zach Kesley

Those looks AWESOME Katie!!! Hopefully there are a few leftover for us Cook fans that won't make it ot the conventions :)


zach, YOU i may be able to talk myself into setting 2 aside for ;) i'll e-mail you this week about those commissions too. i've got the time coming up!

Brian Wong

I can't wait to check them out! About a month away...woo hoo!

craig rousseau

sweet! i know they'll sell like hotcake (well, i hope they don't sell SO well you'll be out before chicago rolls around do i can grab 'm...)


Theo Zissou

very cool. looking forward to seeing you at sdcc.

Chris Hansen

Is it mean of me to hope they don't sell well so that one of each might show up online?

It probably is.

I still hope.


Ilove both styles.

Ashley Barron

They look great
Count me in for one if there are any left

Braem Christophe

Really looking awesome!!! I hope they don't sell all of them, so I can buy one of each online!!!

It's hard to go to conventions in America, when I live in Belgium.

Todd S

I, like the others here, do hope you have a few left for those of us that can't afford to make it to the conventions....

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