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July 08, 2009


Zach Kelsey

Awesome Cards Katie!!!

Scott Longpre

the fact that it's the X-MEN and it's almost 198 cards is hilarious!

Theo Zissou

love em. :) The jubilee ones are especially awesome :)


Just a point of curiosity- What happens to the rejected cards? Do they destroy them, or do you get them back?


Wow. Phenomenal job, katie! I love them.


I love them too katie,it 's going to be fun trying to find them.

Michael May

You drew Snowbird! Yay!


Katie you refer to your ''cute'' style,is that what you call them ? that's cool,because thats what i 've been calling them without prompting,I've got to find one of the psylocke cards.


Love, love, love these! Happy to see so many variations on characters costumes.

Jonathan G.

Oh! Doop! Dead Girl! Good to know that someone else hasn't forgotten X-Statix.

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