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July 03, 2009


Zach Kesley

Those are some pretty freaking sweet sexay ladies Katie!!! And I don't think any of them will be going to cheap...I know I will be bidding for sure :)

Braem Christophe

Awesome sketches, Katie!!! Must win at least one!!! Love the Poison Ivy sketch!!!


Now, that's what I call SEXAY!!!!
Katie, that's a real treat for all of us who won't make it to SDCC, so no matter what the winning bids, they will STILL be cheap!!!
And surprisingly enough, I just checked that I remain the high bidder in 2 of those jaw-dropping ladies!
Hopefully, I'll get to win at least one...
One request though; would you define "hulked out"???? Preferably with a...*sketch*????
You know, just to prevent a fraud bid or else....lol


Make that 3 of the cuties....
OK, I know, I'm a weak character....
I wanted to resist but failed yet once again....
Guess I gotta revisit this "resistance in captivity" training soon, REAL SOON!!!!


I 'll help you out katie ;) I love the first girl with the freckles.


Wow....Your work is amazing. Just stumbled upon it. Do you ever do custom sketches for tattoos?


I got to win Poison Ivy & Leia!!!!
I've already sent you a "Request for total" mail through ebay, but most importantly, I'll send you another one through my hotmail account, that is yiannathker@hotmail.com
Can you PLEASE check this last one, as the other time I contacted you, gmail perceived it as junk?
Since last night, I'm the happiest ebayer in the wider Greece-Turkey area!!!!!

Zach Kesley

I can't believe I missed the auction ending on all these!!! Man I am depressed right now :(

Christophe Braem

Didn't won the Poison Ivy or Vampirella sketch. :(

Kyle Davis

I was able to get the two that I was after. The green lady and the vampi so I am on cloud nine.

The were all great pieces so it was hard to decide which ones to go after, Katie.


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