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April 07, 2010



Love your stuff as usual. Very neat to be able to see your character ID notes and color scratches. Collectors will enjoy having the IDs you've provided excepting the 2? mistakes.

Looking forward to Marvel 70th on the 14th!


My three favs in no particular order:

1) Frozen Cap
2) Throg (Frog Thor)
3) Hairball

Great job Katie!


i can't put into words how badly i want that galactus card.

Braem Christophe

Awesome cards.

Fingers crossed that I will find in one of the boxes.


I never thought anyone could make Mojo cute.


They're all absolutely adorable!


Love them all , great stuff. My 3 favs are Doc. Doom , Doc. Octopus and Msyterio.

Chuck Porter

Too bad these are in card packs. I just want your sketches.

They're all fantastic.

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