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June 10, 2010



congrats on such a big decision and good luck with it. Doubt you'll have too many problems. Love your work!


Go, Katie! Best of luck.

One hopes this doesn't mean you'll become one of those starving artists. But with your ever-growing reputation and fame, fortune (or at least a decent living) can't possibly be far off.

Lenny Wojt

The force is strong in this one!

Congrats Katie! You're living the dream! You will be wonderfully successful, without a doubt.


You'll do wonderfully, Katie. I think you're already well on your way to becoming an even larger success. You definitely have the fan base for it and as a big fan myself, I wish you the best of luck! :D

Zachary Kelsey

You are gonna rock the art world now that your full powers can be unleashed!!! Its seriously going to be crazy how awesome you are going to do!!! I would say good luck...but someone as badass as yourself doesn't need luck. :) Go get em tiger!!!


OH wow, that's a very big step for an artist to take and I always love seeing when someone takes the leap. Congratulations!


Making the decision to quit my job working for someone else to do my own thing was both the scariest and best decision that I've ever made. Congrats again!


I just wanted to wish you good luck! I think you're making the right decision and I hope that your life will be better and more fulfilled for it :)

Danny Limor: Super-Genius Time Traveler

It's been a while, but I AM still on your list, right? I'm still not in any hurry, just want to make sure I haven't been forgotten. ;)

Michael May

Congratulations, Katie!

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