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June 25, 2010



Congratulations to you and Ryan!

As a professional artist you are used to going without sleep so having a child will be old hat to you.

Seriously though having a kid is pretty awesome. You can buy Lego's with the excuse that their "for my kid". Too bad they can't play with them until they are 5.

Andy Owen

I'm so happy for you two!! Seriously, that's AWESOME news!

My warning for all newly pregnant women...DO NOT READ THE INTERNET PREGNANCY BLOGS. And also, be prepared for a barrage of mostly useless advice (from EVERYONE) sprinkled here and there with occasional gems!

Oh...and your baby seems to resemble Mysterio in that family pic...

Corey Parkhill

Congrats, Katie! Welcome to the nerdy mama club! :D

Angelina Starks

Congratulations to you both!!! (^_^) This is wonderful news and your "announcement family portrait" is awesome!

Nathan Waddell

Congratulations!! Our second is due in December as well.


Congratulations! Your baby is so lucky to have such a talented mom!


CONGRATS! I think your kid is going to be the luckiest on the block. What cool, awesome, and loving parents she/he'll have...with PETS! :)


Congratulations Katie and Ryan. I am confidant you will make spectacularly awesome parents.


Congratulations to you both!


huge huge congratulations!!! awesome news for you!

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