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June 25, 2010


Bonnie Burton

I vote for you giving the little youngling the middle name of BONZAI!

Bonnie Wasielewski

Congratulations! This project is sure to be a hit! A veritable chibi-Katie in the offing, it will be adorable and all-consuming of time, energy, and attention. My advice, take a picture every freaking day! And pregnancy evolution pictures are awesome as well-stand against the wall in the same place every day and watch it grow! Anyway, congrats! Woot!


Congrats and best wishes!


Congratulations! Hopefully you can still attend 1 or 2 summer conventions before preparing for the baby arrival.

Michael May

Yay! Congratulations, you guys!


Wow. Congratulations! As a proud father of a two month old, I can say that you will have a lot to look forward to in nine months! It will be a great experience!

Aaron Brassea

congratulations! we're expecting our first in late september.

Bill Doughty

Congratulations! I envy the childhood this kid is gonna have.

Elizabeth-Amber Delaney


I can't believe you put a Question Mark over Baby Nerd.


Katie, Ryan, How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on this happy happy news! You both will do just fine! You are great people! Take good care and see you soon!

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