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June 21, 2010



My kiddo Willem loves this. He hasn't seen all the movies yet (simply because he has the attention span of a 4yr old - because he's a 4yr old) but he loves Star Wars.

Thanks for the sneak peek. It's fantastic. Love the style.

Brae Brae

This is amazing!!!
Oh, I wish I was going! but Canada is just too far away! I'll cross my fingers and hope that there will be one left over for me to purchase online!
Have a great time!

Ryan Porter

Thanks for the larger picture, the one at the CV site sure was tiny! Can't wait to get my hands on this at CV! See you there!


That's fantastic

Hopefully I can get one from the Star Wars Store

James Feurtado

Hi, my first post ever, but just wanted to say that I think this is fantastic piece of work!!
[linked via sw.com]


I'll be one of your first customers on Thursday! The print is very creative and the art is cute and I look forward to looking at it everyday in my garage.
And congratulations on your future offspring!

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