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August 20, 2010


Nicole Bitner

How many pages is this book? I just found out about you via the blog Epbot and I think this book looks fantastic! I have three cats so I think it's hi-freakin'-larious!

katie cook

24 pages

Ryan Porter

Congrats on the sell out!


Man....I go away for a couple of days and miss out on the book.

Next printing I'll get one for sure! I hope....


I really want a copy!


katie, I received my copy today (the one with de grievous drawing) it's soooo cute!!!! I'll buy another one for a friend that's also a cat fan when you have more. thanks for your art ^^

X Electro Candy X

I want this book sooooo bad. I need two so I can buy one for a friend, too.


I read my friend's and LMFAO, actually LOL'd. Amazing work, I want my own

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