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November 18, 2010



Oooooh man, I love the Tron one. I wish I could purchase it. ;.;


Are these beauties up for grabs or already spoken for? Any?

katie cook

they're all spoken for. sorry!


No need to be sorry, Katie, for I knew the chances were slim, in the first place!

Yet, may I recommend that you add customized sketch cards in your online store, just like you've done for your cuteliscious 6x6 paintings? As a special Christmas treat, maybe???

katie cook

i'd offer those up if i could right now, but with me giving birth in a just few weeks... i just can't offer things like that up until after the new year!


Duh, selfishly silly me...

Sorry for not considering the most important factor in your life, Katie, I truly am...

What's great though, is that those first commissions after the birth & the new year will be holding an everlasting memory of this most important moment/experience in one's own life, i.e. to create a new one! :)

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